Deep Purple - August 1966 to February 1967

August 1966 to February 1967

Sheila Carter [& Episode Six]   

People involved

Graham Carter (gtr); Sheila Carter-Dimmock (kbr/vcl); Ian Gillan (bvc); Roger Glover (bss); Tony Lander (gtr); Harvey Shields (drm).

Due to lack of sufficient success, Sheila Carter was made front woman for one single.


Albums & singles

I Will Warm Your Heart/Incense : UK 1966 Pye



Material from above appears on...

Put Yourself In My Place [lp] : UK 1987 PRT Records PYL-6026

The Complete Episode Six [cd] : UK 1991 Sequel NEX CD 156

The Complete Episode Six [cd] : US 1994 Collectables COL-0567



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