Deep Purple - 1987 to 1988

1987 to 1988


People involved

Randy Brecker (hrn); Rachel Collins (bvc); Chrissy Faith (bvc); Ian Gillan (vcl/msc); Roger Glover (msc); Michele Graham (bvc); Shirley Graham (bvc); Dr John (pno); Lloyd Landesman (kbr); Grace Lewis (bvc); Lydia Mann (bvc); Nick Maroch (gtr); Joe Mennonna (hrn/sxp); Andy Newmark (drm); Ira Siegel (gtr); Bette Sussman (bvc); Vaneese Thomas (bvc); George Young (sxp/hrn).

A session-ish thing done to fullfil Gillan's contract with Virgin. A fresh and absolutely superb initiative, which filled one of the gaps between Blackmore's inspirational blurts! The track "Lonely Avenue" appeared on the soundtrack to Rain Man (featuring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise).


Albums & singles

Dislocated/Chet : UK Dec 1987 Ten Records TEN 193

Dislocated [ep] : UK Dec 1987 Ten Records TENT 193

Accidentally On Purpose [lp] : UK Feb 1988 Virgin 208 737

Accidentally On Purpose [cd; no extra material] : UK Feb 1988 Virgin 258 737

Accidentally On Purpose [cd; extra material] : UK 1988 Virgin CDV-2498

Accidentally On Purpose [cd] : EU 1998 Eagle Records EAMCD048

Accidentally On Purpose [cd; remastered] : US 2000 Spitfire Records

I Can't Dance To That/Purple People Eater : UK Feb 1988 Virgin 109 706

Clouds And Rain/I Thought No : UK Feb 1988 Virgin 109 895

She Took My Breath Away/Cayman Island : UK Feb 1988 Virgin VS 1041

She Took My Breath Away [ep] : UK Feb 1988 Virgin VST 1041



Material from above appears on...

Rain Man - Original Soundtrack [cd] : Europe Feb 1989 Capitol Records

Trouble - The Best Of Gillan [cd] : UK 1991 Virgin/Pickwick VVIPD 113

The Deep Purple Family Album [cd] : UK 1991 Connoisseur RP VSOP CD 187

Ian Gillan Rock Profile [cd] : UK 1995 Connoisseur VSOP CD 214



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