Deep Purple - January to June 1989

January to June 1989

Garth Rockett & the Moonshiners  

People involved

Mark Buckle (kbr); Steve Morris (gtr); Keith Mullholland (bss); Garth Rockett [= Ian Gillan] (vcl); Lou Rosenthal (drm); Harry Shaw (gtr).

Ian Gillan collected a bunch of rock musicians, resurrected an old band name and went touring.


Video, albums & singles

Garth Rockett & The Moonshiners Live At The Ritz [vhs] : UK 1990 Fotodisk Video FLY3

Chris Tetley Presents - The Garth Rockett & The Moonshiners Story [pic lp/mc/cd] : UK 1990 Rock Hard Records ROHA LP/MC/CD 3

The Garth Rockett & The Moonshiners Lieve [cd] : UK October 2000 Purple Records PUR 324



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