Deep Purple - Sometime during 1993

Sometime during 1993

Mihalis Rakintzhs   

People involved

Mihalis Rakintzhs (vcl); together with Ian Gillan (vcl) and some Greek fellows.

Gillan did a session in Greece for some Greek guy during the early part of 1993. He sang a duet with Rakintzhs called "Getaway". He also sang lead on "My Heart Remains The Same" and "I Think I Know". Gillan joined Rakintzhs for three gigs in Greece during August 1993.


Albums & singles

Getaway [lp] : Greece 1993 Minos/EMI Records 7243-4-78766-1-5

Etsi M' Aresei [cd] : Greece 1993 EMI

Getaway/Get Away Club Version/Make A Wish : Greece 1993 EMI

Getaway [12" ep] : Greece 1993 Harvest 7243-8-80191-2-5

Getaway/Get Away Club Version/Make A Wish : Holland 1993 EMI



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