Deep Purple - During 2000

During 2000

Blackmore's Night  

People involved

Ritchie Blackmore (gtr/msc) & Candice Night (vcl/msc), plus: Sir Robert of Normandie (bss/bvc); Carmine Giglio (kbr); Pat Regan (kbr); Chris Devine (vln/vla/rcr/flt); Mike Sorrentino (drm); Albert Dannemann (bgp); Richard Wiedermann (trp); John Passanante (trm); and Ruby's Choir (bvc).

Albums & singles

Fires At Midnight [cd] : Germany July 2001 Steamhammer SPV 085-72432 CD

Home Again (Radio/TV Edit) [single] : Germany Aug 2002

All Because Of You/Home Again : Germany 2002 Steamhammer SPV 055-72733CDS

The Times They Are A-Changin' [single] : Germany 2002 Steamhammer SPV 056-72463 CDS-E



Material from above appears on...

Minstrels & Ballads (Blackmore's Night Compilation) [cd] : Japan 2001 Pony Canyon

Mystera VII [cd; Various Artists] : Germany October 2001

Miroque Vol. VII (Mittelalter Baroque Gothic Selection) [cd; Various Artists] : Germany Nov 2001

Fairies Elves & Angels Vol. 2 [cd; Various Artists] : Germany November 2001 Zoomica/SPV



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