Deep Purple - March/April 1976

March/April 1976

Wizard's Convention

People involved

Tony Ashton (pno/vcl); Les Binks (drm); David Coverdale (vcl); John Crocker (sxp); Ray Fenwick (gtr); Mo Foster (bss); Roger Glover (bss); Eddie Hardin (vcl/msc); Jimmy Helms (vcl); Glenn Hughes (vcl); Ric Lee (drm); Rick van der Linden (pno/msc); Jon Lord (pno); Mark Nauseef (drm/prc); John Slaughter (gtr); Henry Spinetti (drm); Pete York (drm); the Chris Barber Band (msc).

A whole bunch of people appeared on a session initiated by Eddie Hardin.


Albums & singles

Wizard's Convention [lp] : UK Dec 1976 Purple

Wizard's Convention [lp] : Germany 1976 RCA Records PPL1-8118

Wizard's Convention [lp] : US? 1976 RCA Records RS 1085

Wizard's Convention [cd; extra material] : Germany 1994 Repertoire REP-4474-WY

Butterfly Ball - Wizard's Convention [cd] : UK 1989 Connoisseur VSOP CD 139

Butterfly Ball - Wizard's Convention [cd] : Japan 199- Teichiku TECW-30211-2



Material from above appears on...

Wizard's Convention III [cd] : Japan January 1997 TDK Records International TDCN-5615



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